These are some of the labels, releases and other things that made me very happy this year. This part is about Los Angeles which is in my opinion the most exciting city for beat music junkies right now. Two labels I’m most excited about are:

Leaving records – Folks around Matthew David do it right.
1.They give away lots of stuff for free
2.They brought back cassette as damn cool medium for listening music
3. Their music is some proper next level shit. I love Brainfeeder as a label, the kind of music they’re releasing is some serious shit. It’s sound of Los Angeles right now, but sound of Leaving records seem to me much more lush and organic (maybe except Teebs). The right word I’m looking for is probably druggy, or more trippier or whatever. Just try to listen to it. They have some supersweet releases this year:

Dem Hunger – Cavemen Smack is absolutely mentally insane record. It’s no surprise if you know dem hunger for some time. Mindblowing, you could actually feel the strong urge to turn it off when you’re stoned, because of strong psychedelia that this record is/contains. And that’s compliment.

Ras G – EL-AYLIEN PT. 1 – This time Ras G did more ambient stuff, tracks are nearly beatless, one flow into other without you even noticing. But it has still the space feeling present on almost everyone of his records. Nice.

Oscar Mcclure – Compost – On site they say it’s organic experimental hip-hop and I wouldn’t say it better. Weird sounds, great record. Also check out, compost remixes album. The guy behind this project is rumored to be the one behind incredible Durlin Lurt record too.

Yuk. – A D W A – latest offering, and it’s the shit. Something like early fly lo heavy on some sick drugs.

Brainfeeder – Finally this label is getting started. Lorn record was nothing short of stunning. Hardcore beats with so much emotions that it hurts. Dark as hell, but definitely one of my favourites this year. This fall brainfeeder will release Teebs LP which I cannot wait to listen, and also new motherfuckin’ GLK goodies in form of EP. There was also screenshot of finished Samiyam album on site, so let’s hope for this year’s release.