These are some of the labels, releases and other things that made me very happy this year.

In UK there are some major changes taking place in Dubstep music. Words like post-dubstep, Uk funky, purple, wonky and so on, substitute term dubstep more and more. But you know what? I’ve never loved UK music scene because of this words (actually every kind of music, not only UK) but because it’s simply great. Scene is very fast progressing and evolving in short amount of time, so you can actually tell the difference between what was most played in the begining and in the end of the year. And there are so many artist worth of your time… I’d like to mention some of them who I remember the most for joy that they brought to my heart 🙂

Joe – this anonymous producer kills it. Both of his two 12” released this year are amazing. The track I love the most is Untitled, but I have to say every one of his productions is sick.

Hyperdub – it’s hard to write about hyperdub without sounding like a fan. But this label is always pushing the scene into unknown and exciting directions, discovering new forms of bass music. Every release by this label is worth checking and I advise you to do it, but these are my 2010 favourites:
DVA – Natty/Ganja
Kyle Hall – Kaychunk / You Know How I Feel
Cooly G – Up In My Head / Phat Si

Martyn Fabric mix – full of bangers, ranging from uk funky to techno

Whole uk funky movement – it’s something different in comparison with dark dubstep sound and it’s fresh, funky and dancefloor ready music.

Hotflush – I really love this label because of weird percussion they use and rhytmic structure of most 12” that come out on this label. Their sound is so warm and often emotional (Mount Kimbie for example) that if you like music not just to dance, but mainly for good and rewarding listening experience you gotta love them.

Modern Love – New life 12” by Claro Intelecto is probably my favourite release from him, and that is big big compliment, because I love his older work. Another real gem on this label is Demdike Stare. Both of their releases, Forest of evil and Liberation through hearing are flawless. Forest of evil is trip into shamanistic ritual grounds, accompanied by whispering witches and despair. Liberation through hearing is just dark as hell, as usual by this duo. Anyway, all releases by them are essential for any music lover, no matter what genre of music you listen to. Buy it. Or at least, download it if you don’ t have money, because you are seriously missing it, without even noticing it.

Actress – Darren Cunningham makes pretty fucked up machine odyssey music from future. His rhythm excersises are something odd, brilliant and mindblowing at once. It’s like party music in city of machines, year 2620. One of the years best, believe me.

Enough, I forgot many things I wanted to mention. Maybe I’ll dedicate one more post to uk in near future.