by Sophie Clements.

Evensong is a piece of visual music; it is a song, sung by layers of landscape and the geometric light forms that emerge from them. All filmed for real, or ‘in-camera’ (the lights are filmed in the exact space that you see them, involving a long process of filming an LED light moving in precise geometric shapes, all moved individually by hand in situ using hand-built rigs such as wooden frames and bicycle wheels), it explores the notion of physical reality in relation to time and memory: The light objects are not fake, but they are still unreal – an altered memory of an event that happened – a movement in time seen in its entirety, like the beauty of hindsight.

Titled ‘Evensong’ not as a direct reference to its religious connotations, but rather a reflection of mood that the lights and landscape themselves suggest – the piece is somehow a melancholy celebration of dusk and stillness – an essence of something else – the ‘planned’ unforeseen, seeping out of the systematic process of filming. These objects are at once sound and light, real and unreal, kinetic and frozen, and the beauty that comes with them lies on the edge between these opposites.

Sound by Sophie Clements, John Hendicott and Scanner