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The future of art

Nice insight from some interesting artist.


Nova the film

DoP, sound & edition Isaac Niemand.
Curated by: David Quiles Guilló. Directed by: Isaac Niemand.

Starring: Yoshi Sodeoka, Rebecca Ward, Tofer Chin, KRINK, Base V, Yochai Matos, Max Hattler, Highraff, Lucy McRae, Kit Webster, Jimmy Joe Roche, Flavio Samelo, Felipe Brait & Maira Vaz Valente, Shima, Matt W Moore, Zeitguised, Mulheres Barbadas, Gustavo Gagliardo aka Defi, Filippo Minelli, Quayola, Javier Longobardo, This Time, Renaud Hallée, Mark Jenkins, Ljudbilden & Piloten, Lolo, Sosaku Miyazaki, Anna Taratiel aka Ovni, Robert Seidel, Heiko Tippelt, B.Fleischmann, Koen Delaere, Taras Hrabowsky, Cristopher Cichocki, MOMO, Yusk Imai.

Music by: Bradien, Roll The Dice, NOIA, B.Fleischmann, Ljudbilden & Piloten, Fase, Isan, Fuck Buttons.


Time for some old master. Move cursor on picture to get the titles.

Mark Jenkins

You gotta love this man.

Josh Keyes

Click to enlarge. More at

James Jean

more at: Click on picture to enlarge your penis.

Jeff Soto

more at:

Crossing Lines

is video by Andrew Telling documenting the trip of Conor Harrington to Israel. Conor is one of my favourite artist and the pieces are stunning as usually. Video is great too, brilliant edit and great visual style partly inherited to the place which is quite exotic for me. If you like Conor’s art, also check the website of his girlfriend Chloe Early, who is one of my favourites too.

Modern Art

is a print by Craig Damrauer. Yes, it’s amazing, funny and truthful at once. If you are interested, you could buy it here

Aerosol amoeba

Filmed and edited by Pahnl –

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