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Time for some old master. Move cursor on picture to get the titles.


Josh Keyes

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James Jean

more at: Click on picture to enlarge your penis.

Jeff Soto

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Crossing Lines

is video by Andrew Telling documenting the trip of Conor Harrington to Israel. Conor is one of my favourite artist and the pieces are stunning as usually. Video is great too, brilliant edit and great visual style partly inherited to the place which is quite exotic for me. If you like Conor’s art, also check the website of his girlfriend Chloe Early, who is one of my favourites too.

Paul Alexander Thorton

is an artist, pattern designer and ballpoint pen freak. Check his work here:

Antony Micaleff

Jon Todd

Jon Todd is Canadian illustrator.

James Jean – Hunting Party. Acrylic, Oil, Pastel, & Wax on Two Canvases, 60 x 192″, 2009.

Coop – Parts with appeal.Acrylic on Canvas 2004. 6 x 78 feet (1.82 x 23.7 meters)

Blu – A very long story, dimensions: huge

Jackson Pollock – Blue Poles, Oil on canvas, 1952, 210 cm × 486.8 cm

Os Gemeos, dimensions:big

Fred Tomasseli

I discovered his work yesterday. Very tripy, druggy imagery, use of collage and incredible detail makes his work a feast for eyes. And those colors… I’d like to see his work in person, maybe once.

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