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Mènglù (delusion ways)

with music by Teebs. Mènglù is a visual experience of the urban chaos, an abstract trip in the streets of Shanghai.

By Frederic Henriques and Jean Brice Hubert.


Mexico city

Nice little document, that makes me want to go there immediately.

Dark side of the lens


Rime for Dolby

I’ve been posting lot about graffitti lately, and this isn’t exception. I’m not sure what kind of campaign or ad is this (Dolby and Rime??? ) but it’s nice anyway. Just to mention it should be some kind of hommage to Pollock, but as Rime says on his blog, it went other way in the end. But you can see that on video.

Happiest DJ on Earth


by Daniel Scheinert and Dan Kwan.

is animation by Stephen Ong.

Tatiana Suarez is really, really beautiful woman.

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